Hailing from the deep wilderness of South London, Warren grew up firmly believing that only music would save his life. Sadly, aged 15, his terrible singing voice and total inability to squeeze a note from any known instrument, coupled with his headmaster suggesting academia may not be playing a huge part in his future, led to him cheerfully burning his nylon tie and seeking to become an apprentice carpenter. This career decision was mainly driven by the fact that in the boom time building trade of Thatcher’s London you could be home by three o clock and of course in true Thatcherite style it paid in cash.

As one of the last of London’s indentured apprentices he endured a strict Dickensian training by day, and to preserve his sanity he became a fervent supporter of the soul and rare groove clubs of the West end by night.

By 1988 his apprenticeship was finished, but the boom was rapidly becoming bust. It was time for acid house and the scorching hot summer of love. By this time, he was fully entrenched in the clubs and parties around London and, following a long and illustrious list of dazed and confused London youth he stumbled into the advertising industry. Building sets for Italian vogue, id and face magazine led to much larger commercials for pretty much anyone and everyone, including many award-winning promos with Jonathon Glazer and Kevin Godley. A chance encounter led to a large location build in France for Calvin Klein, and after forgetting to come home, an extended world tour of riding motorbikes through India and North African deserts, running a dive school in the small, isolated and undeveloped fishing village of Sharm el Sheik and a spell working offshore in the Norwegian oil exploration industry followed.

Realising the wet grey horizon of the London skyline and the sardonic wit of his countrymen was sorely lacking in the idyllic sun baked paradise he was living in, he returned to blighty. While living on a large houseboat on the Thames there came another fortuitous encounter, the igniting of an old flame. The subsequent marriage brought the happy addition of two beautiful children, and as a proud father now living in the leafy and genteel village of Shepperton, only the lack of proper enunciation and the dubious ability to form entire sentences with nothing but curses reveal his South London roots to elderly Surrey neighbours.

Construct scenery was born out of a simple concept “Forme ab Chao” or more simply “Beauty from chaos”. The desire to produce exceptional high quality work within the ever-shrinking time and budget constraints of a modern industry has led to largescale investment in bespoke equipment, technology and kit to streamline and provide the safest cleanest and most productive work environment for construction crews. Ten years on and the reputation has spread, attracting the cream of freelance talent and the attention of many of the top art directors and designers working today, taking large and technical jobs both in the UK and abroad from early prep chaos to shoot day beauty.

A bonafide giant, you will find him ducking through doors and nursing large forehead lumps from doors he forgot to duck for. While the future is unknown, an ongoing passion for the industry and the people within its strange grip is total….